Living Library

The Living Library is a compolation of short summaries or overviews of the current thinking on the etiology, clinical appearance, and best management of various conditions, along with an extensive reference list of best sources of information for the topic.


Submission Guidelines:

Please submit text and images for Living Library topics to Dr. Neil Pence at Word (DOC or DOCX), Rich Text Format (RTF), or Text (TXT) documents are acceptible. Images may be embedded in the document or submitted separately. Preferred image types are JPEG (for photos), GIF (for line drawings), TIFF, or EPS. Be sure to indicate where the image(s) should appear within the text and include image caption(s).

Submit your document in the format: (1) Clinical Description, (2) Symptoms, (3) Incidence, (4) Etiology, (5) Management, (6) Best or Key References, (7) Other References. Include author names, degrees, and affiliations. View current Living Library topics for examples.