Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide

The 4th edition of the CL Pocket Guide is bigger and better than before !
Circulated to all the optometry students, residents and clinical faculty at
all the optometry schools in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, this valuable
education tool is sure to come in handy. After much feedback, future version
are likely to be electronic only. So enjoy and download this for your office
today ! For all the students that have become accustomed to the guide and
can't live without is the latest version !

The AOCLE Pocket guide was launched in 2006 as a clinical reference tool for students and residents. The guide is distributed to all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students, residents, and CL faculty at all of the 24 North American Optometry schools. The guide compiles valuable information such as conversion charts, CL-related ICD codes, key case history questions, lens fitting characteristics, lens marking and FDA lens material classifications. The guide includes sections on soft, gas permeable and specialty contact lenses.

Presently in its 5th edition, the guide is now downloadable online.

CL Pocket Guide
(pdf - 492k)